mullazma_services_enOur Services

Mullazama Nursing & Home Health Care Provides, a comprehensive set of services, which includes rehabilitation and medical services and nursing services and provide the necessary support to patients where that our recovery.

Rehabilitation services include:

1. Natural therapy:
We are dealing with patients of all ages, especially those who suffer from physical disabilities and those with special needs, where he concentrated injuries in the neuromuscular system, structural and muscular like treating all of the following cases:

  • Evaluation and treatment.
  • Therapeutic exercises which include:
    • A number of movements and exercises.
    • Stretching and flexibility exercises.
    • Exercises of stabilizing position.
    • Retraining for walking.
  • Pain management.

2. Medical Service:
Where we have available general medical practitioner to provide basic medical services and evaluating patient cases.

3. Nursing Services

  • Monitoring vital signs (blood pressure, blood sugar, body temperature measurement, monitoring pulse and breathing).
  • Taking care of patients with diabetes, heart diseases, and kidney diseases.
  • Caring for catheter and feeding tube.
  • Nursing for trachea puncture and artificial breathing.
  • Post-surgical care.
  • The administration of medications and injections.
  • Looking after of cuts and patient’s skin.
  • Looking after the patient’s nutrition.
  • Looking after the patient’s cleanliness and helping him shower and get dressed.
  • Assisting the patient in walking, moving and exercising.